Friday, April 20, 2007

More swag from the Op Shop

The knitted doll clothes book cracked me up, especially when I flipped it over and saw Barbie on Hullabaloo

Just like some cheesy late 60s dance show - Swing, Barbie, Swing

Then, there's the happy jungle fabric

A couple of metres of pandas and elephants, a metre of fruits (and peas - haven't figured that out yet. Were there no green fruits available? NO kiwis? No limes?), a small piece of soft calico and the most incredible hanger thing (I think that it's for belts but I'm making a cover for it and hanging my necklaces, dust free in the closet). All for $3.67! I've already got 2 people who want shopping totes from the jungle fabric. I like it so much, I may make myself one, too - like I need any more bags LOL

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