Thursday, April 26, 2007


Am I the only one who loves old patterns? I have to sort through them every time I visit the thrift shop. I picked these 2 up one day and fell in love with the details - the longer jacket with half belt, the flowing tunic top (and turban)

I threatened my son, Pat that if he had a baby, I'd make it a sleeper out of the bat pattern. Nanny's little goth baby. He just laughed and said 'that'd be cool'.
The most incredible Kim sent me a CARE package of beautiful vintage men's patterns that she found at a estate sale

Aren't they cool!?!She was smarter than I was and remembered to shut her flash off before she snapped the shot LOL

And I sooooo want to make this robe

Don't even get me started on the knitting patterns - in multiple languages, no less!

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