Thursday, May 17, 2007

Still shopping...still thrifting

It's amazing, ya know. Girl gets bright idea, opens shop on new blog, shops and writes about, girl gets busy (with a capital "B") and forgets to write about all the shopping that she's been doing...just crazy, I tell ya!

In our local thrift-o-rama, I picked up this amazing piece of early 70s party- nostalgia

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you - that is a genuine, bonafide party platter in a deep shade of olive (mmmmm OLIVE!). It cleaned up nicely - K took a little soft scrub and gently abraded off a few discolorations, took it apart and cleaned and oil the lazy Susan mechanism and Bob's Your Uncle, it looks like new.I can't stop playing with it. Be forewarned; it will be making appearances at all my summer cook-outs! Be ready to oooh and ahhhh

I managed to snag a few more pieces of calico for my couch cushion project, a nifty sheet for my dining room blinds project, a funky hairdryer from the early 70s (actually bought it for the case) and a whack of vintage tea towels. Our network is acting up but once I fix it, I'll post those photos. The tea towel story will make cry (in a good way - I promise!)


sulu-design said...

No joke - I was just thinking, just hours ago, that I haven't scored a good piece of kitchen plastic in a while. What you got is a dream find for me! I love the color. And it's a lazy Susan? Perfect! My brother gave me a tip on shining up scuffs and fogginess that cleanser can leave on vintage plastics - polish it with a little Brasso (a brass cleaning product that you can find at the drug store). Works like a charm!

Bumbershootska said...

Isn't it the living end?!? I want to host a fondue party with crudites separated in their separate trays. Oh yeah and with those kitschy 70s drinks, too! And to think that it cost me a buck - Canadian!

It looks like new (after K's magic touch). He used a soft sponge and a little dish detergent. Brasso, Hmm? What a good idea - it's not too abrasive but it will definately clean things up - thanks for the tip!